Learn to recite the Qur'an correctly and melodically!

Tajweed A focuses on correct articulation of all Arabic letters, with special focus on correct phonetics  (makharij).   Furthermore the Tajweed rules will be taught.

You will learn how to master the Arabic alfabeth, how to pronounce the letters  and recite the Qur'an correctly.



Registration for a started course is possible by sending an email to kontakt@arabisk-sprogcenter.dk!



Learn correct articulation of the Arabic alfabeth and vowels

Tajweed rules

Practice reading and reciting the Qur'an

Benefit from individual practice time with the instructor at work on your personal goals

Get inspired by listening to other students

About the course

In Tajweed we work methodically through the Arabic alfabeth and the vowels and their phonetics, more specifically the articulation points of the arabic letters, to ensure that your articulation is correct. Individual practice time with the instructor ensures that personal challenges get discovered and you can work on your personal goals.

Our courses have a traditional format and students of different levels are being taught int he same class and learn from each other. The instructor starts each class with a short explanation of a theroy issue and afterwards there is time for individual practice and recitation with each student.

Course syllabus

Articulation (Makharij)

Tajweed rules

Juz 'Amma

Individual practice time

Recommended Background

Students need to be familiar with Arabic script and should be able read a voweled text relatively fluently (however, speed is not an issue at this stage). Our “Introductory Arabic" classes can be taken in case this requirement is not yet met.

Course books

Course material will be handed out by the instructor as needed. It is however a good odea to purchase a Tajweed-Qur'an, which can be done at Islamguide.dk.

This course is required for:




Duration: School year (until end of June)

Units: 2 weekly units á 45 minutes

Participants: 4 -12

Location: Lyngbyvej 11, 2100 København Ø

Payment: Monthly via PBS

Our Tajweed courses are gender seperated!


499 Kr./month

Group size

We are convinced that small course groups increase the learning outcome for our students and therefore limit course group size to max. 8 students. It is however not possible to hold a course with less than 3 students and in this case we cancel the class and refund the course fee.

Course format

The course consist of one weekly teaching sessions (2 units á 45 minutes), homework and revision.

Weekly time commitment

Students can expect to invest at least 2 hours weekly outside the classroom for practise and homework. The more time invested the more the learning outcome!

arabic letters


You will learn how to master the Arabic alphabet, how to pronounce the Arabic letters and to read a voweled Arabic text.