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Our program at the Arabisk Sprogcenter is divided into two distinct lines of Arabic language instruction - Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic. Specialization from the outset ensures quick progress towards the personal goal. Additionally we offer a series of courses in arabic colloquial dialect and intercultural communication.

Classical Arabic

is the oldest type of Arabic that is studied widely. It is the language of the Qur’an and texts from the classical age of the Islamic empire .

Arabic Dialects

or 'aammiyya, refers to the regional dialects used in everyday discourse and popular culture media (music, movies, etc.).

Modern Standard Arabic

(MSA) is related to Classical Arabic and is the language of  correspondence, literature and  media (newspaper,  TV,  internet).


danish student

“Learning Arabic with Mohamed was great, not only because I got the best circumstances to learn Arabic customized to my needs, but also because each lesson was centered around enjoyable conversations where Mohamed showed unparallelled patience.”

Niels, Copenhagen

moroccan student

"I started to learn Moroccan Arabic because I felt I wanted to learn my father's language and also so I could communicate with people in Morocco when I go there. I am Moroccan, but it feels like I am a tourist if I can't speak the language, which is a weird feeling. My intention is to keep on improving my Moroccan Arabic, even if I don't go to Morocco, maybe because I feel like now it's part of my identity."

Yassine, Copenhagen

danish student

"Learning Arabic has opened my eyes for a whole new part of the world, that I didn't know a lot about before.

Traveling in the Middle East is much more fun when you speak Arabic and can communicate with people in their own language and also with the people who don't speak English."

Anna, Copenhagen