Arabic calligraphy

Create stunningly beautiful artwork!



DURATION: 10 weeks

Units: 30 units á 45 minutes

Participants: 3-12

Location: Lyngbyvej 11, 2100 København Ø

Group size

We are convinced that small course groups increase the learning outcome for our students and therefore limit course group size to max. 12 students. In case of there being less than 5 students signed up for a class, we shorten the course from 10 to 8 weeks, because our experience is that intensive courses with a very small students number (3 or 4) increase learing speed and the course material can be covered in less time. It is however not possible to hold a course with less than 3 students and in this case we calcel the class and refund the course fee.

Course format

The course consist of one weekly teaching sessions (3 units á 45 minutes), homework and revision.

Weekly time commitment

Students can expect to invest at least 2 hours weekly outside the classroom for practise and homework. The more time invested the more the learning outcome!

arabic fountain
arabic fountain



Learn how to shape Arabic letters

Traditional styles of Arabic calligraphy

Design of your own composition and experiment with the letters

Express your creativity

About the Course

Arabic calligraphy is not only an art but it is also a state of mind. Organising the letters on the paper helps facilitate the organisation of thoughts and puts the calligrapher in a peaceful set of mind. Calligraphy is a mediative activity that teaches focus on detail and patience and helps to refocus.

Course Syllabus

Shaping Arabic letters

Different traditional styles of Arabic calligraphy (Ruqaa, Diwani, Farsi, Thuluth and Naksh)

Planning and drafting of a composition

Ample room for creativity and


Course Format

The course consists of one weekly classroom

session (3 units á 45 minutes), homework and

practice assignments.

Weekly Time Commitment

Students can expect to dedicate at least two

hours a week to learning the rules, homework

and practicing outside of the classroom. The

higher the weekly time commitment, the higher

the learning outcome.

Recommended Background

There is no special background needed,

everyone is welcome.

Course Books and Supplies

All material will be handed out by the instructor.

Measurements of the Arabic letters

Different syles of Arabic calligraphy


Registration for a started course is possible by sending an email to!

This course aims to introduce the student to the basic techniques in Arabic calligraphy. 

You will learn how to shape Arabic letters, try your hand at different traditional styles of Arabic calligraphy and experiment in a playful way with the letters to create stunning works of art.


Arabic calligraphy